The 5 W’s of the New YAC (Young Adult Center) in Hartville

If you haven’t heard the news, a young adult center (YAC) is coming to Hartville! Through a volunteer effort, in partnership with GentleBrook, the YAC is hosting an open house this weekend, and we at the Lake Chamber are here to give you the “5 W’s of the YAC.”

V9595BD19Who: The YAC will be targeting young adults, aged 15+, no membership will be required to join the fun Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. During the day time, GentleBrook will be using the facility for various programs.

What: The Young Adult Center will be a multi-level space with a range of activities. The lower level includes a kitchen with seating and will host an area for basketball, volleyball and a space for live music. The upper level will consist of a large living room, for friends, groups, projects and games.

When:  Open House is this Sunday from 4-8pm.  Initially, the center will be open on Sundays from 4pm-midnight and expand as attendance grows.

Where: The center will be located in the back of GentleBrook’s corporate headquarters at 880 Sunnyside St. SW, Hartville.

Why: To give young adults a safe environment environment on the weekend to hang out with their friends, or meet up with a group.

-Contributed by Sam Tornow