Intern Insider: The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned Working for my Local Chamber of Commerce

From the desk of Sadie Newman, our Summer 2016 Intern:

Before I began my internship with the Lake Township Chamber of Commerce, I quite honestly did not know what the Chamber’s role was in my society, or in any society for that matter. I took what I heard from other people about what Chambers of Commerce are and what they do and built my own fabricated collage of ideas from the “knowledge” I had gained from asking my friends and family. Little did I know, my speculations of what Chambers do was nothing close to their actual necessity to a community and their ability to bring business men and women together.

I have learned a lot from working at the Lake Township Chamber of Commerce under President, Christa Kozy. I can now explain the importance of Second Saturday, 2016--July - 44 of 44networking, the strategies for when and how to post on social media, the amount of work that goes into a simple email marketing newsletter, how to go about organizing an event for 200 people or more, and the list goes on and on. These skills I have acquired are amazing lessons that I am so grateful to have learned and I know will greatly assist me in my professional life.

However, there is one lesson that I have found to be invaluable. The lesson comes in a small, simple package of one word: Passion. From watching the inner-workings of the Chamber to meeting business owners from around Lake Township, one theme remains constant, and that is passion.

Passion within the Chamber

From the moment I first spoke with Christa Kozy (she being highly caffeinated of course) I noticed her love for the Lake Chamber and the community. She spoke so specifically and with such excitement about the Lake Chamber that I could tell she truly enjoys what she does. I admire her passion for what she does and for the place I call my hometown. Watching someone else care so deeply for my own community, taught me to further appreciate it myself. I learned from working under Christa what it is like to have passion within the workplace.

Having passion about what you do is necessary and contagious.

Passion within the Community

IMG_7908Working at the Lake Township Chamber of Commerce gave me the opportunity to learn more about my hometown and the people that live inside it. Through numerous networking events I met many uniquely special people who I am so thankful to had the chance to connect with. Whenever I met my fellow locals I noticed that there was something different about them. They spoke so highly of our community and so highly of each other. Each business owner did not make owning a small business seem like a competitive world, but a world full of dedication and support. As cliche as it sounds, each person I met seemed to have a spark in their eye. A spark that did not seem to be fueled by individual ambition, but a desire to make our community an even better place. They, just like the inner-workings of the Chamber, have a passion for their work and our community.

I learned from my community: Being passionate about your community is what truly makes a community flourish.

I truly did learn more at the Lake Township Chamber of Commerce than I ever thought I could. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more about my own community. My internship with Lake Chamber was not what I was expecting it to be. After four months, I take pride in my ability to thoroughly explain the benefits that a Chamber of Commerce can provide for a community. The people around Lake Township taught me a lesson that will be an inspiration for the rest of my life, and that lesson is to have passion. I can only hope that wherever I end up, I can have that same passion that I have been blessed to witness within my hometown of Lake Township.

-Sadie Newman, Lake High School Class of 2015
Sophomore at Ohio University