Meet our Community Impact Leadership Award Winner John Birk | Uniontown Community Park

We are excited to introduce our Leadership Award Winners, who will be recognized Tuesday, February 23 at our Annual Leadership Awards Dinner held at the Hartville Kitchen.  Part three in our Leadership Award Winners Blog Series features John Birk as the 2016 Community Impact Award John Birk head shotwinner, specifically for his ongoing contribution and efforts involving the recent enhancements to the Uniontown Community Park.

John Birk was born in the early 1930’s in the Uniontown area. He graduated from Uniontown High School and soon after married his wife Kay. More than 61 years later, their family has grown to include three children, six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. John and Kay continue to live in the area.

In 1969, The Lion’s Club formed a committee to survey the community in search of finding suitable land for a community park, and on June 28, 1972, the Lion’s Club purchased 17 acres of land from Lloyd Grable and began 1184789_381522918643062_1538404976_nwork on the park known today as the Uniontown Community Park. Through the years, the Uniontown Community Park has added a community center, playgrounds, a half-mile walking path, a fishing pond for children, horseshoe and volleyball courts and several other amenities. John has been instrumental in its growth and success. Early on, John’s work involved the construction of the first playground, the community center and the creation of the park as a whole.

His contributions continue to make an impact today. Most recently, a new playground was added to the park, providing a safe area for children to play and explore. Additionally, a Veteran’s Memorial was established at the park, specifically honoring those soldiers who have lived in our community. The park is an incredible addition to the community and has had a lasting economic impact. His involvement and participation have helped create an environment where the community gathers, organizations conduct meetings, children can experience play and exploration and America’s local heroes are remembered.

For more information on the Uniontown Community Park, go to or visit their Facebook page.