Meet our Outstanding Business Professional | Mark Hanlon, Schoner Chevrolet

We are excited to introduce our Leadership Award Winners, who will be recognized Tuesday, February 23 at our Annual Leadership Awards Dinner held at the Hartville Kitchen.  Part two in our Leadership Award Winners Blog Series features Outstanding Business Professional of the Year Mark Hanlon with Schoner Chevrolet.

Mark Hanlon was born here in Lake Township, the grandson of Earl Schoner, who opened Schoner Chevrolet in 1936. Some 32 years later, at the age of 16, Mark began his career at Schoner as a salesman.  Mark is a Lake High School graduate and attended Ashland University. After returning to the community, he set his sights on helping out the family business and giving back to the community.  Not long after re-establishing himself here, Mark married his wife Beth, whom he has been with for the last 23 years. Together they have 6 children.

Since taking over the business, Mark has made it a point to continually support the community, specifically youth programs. He has been known to have supported Toys for Tots, choir events, the yearbook, a variety of sports programs and also made a sizable donation to the new Alumni Field at Lake High School. Additionally, his store launched a toy assembly program during the Christmas season 25 years ago, that remains a huge part of the company’s Christmas season today. Schoner staff will assemble toys, bikes and other gifts for no charge for area parents.

His employees have described him as “caring,” and are “grateful to work with him.” Mark’s door is always open and he demonstrates regularly the value of good employees. Mark was selected as the recipient of the Outstanding Business Professional Award because of his selfless service, partnerships with other local businesses and organizations and the longevity and success of Schoner Chevrolet under his leadership. Our congratulations to him on a job well done!

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